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YEEZY | The Earth is so boring that it won’t let you buy

This morning, the adidas Originals public number pushed the sales information of YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW. The public number booking method is not the same as the previous booking method for pushing shoes and is entered after the platform opens the channel to input effective keywords.

According to the usual practice, adidas Originals will surely come up with some “things” each time it is released on the public number… Some netizens said that the YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW was released on the “proactive sneak-ahead” phenomenon. Before the official announcement of the opening of the booking channel at 11 o’clock, netizens made an appointment on the adidas Originals public account.

In addition, the friend who participated in the appointment also encountered some problems. After opening the channel at 11 o’clock, enter the reply content as requested but the reply is “please reply the correct content according to the formal request”.

It is understood that there are not a few people who have encountered the problem of “not responding correctly” during the appointment. I do not know if some “bugs” have closed the channel ahead of time or have some bugs in the background. In any case, this made many “accompanying the army” disappointed. After all, even the chance to accompany the race did not give…

Since adidas Originals chose such a relatively fair lottery, it must handle all the back-end mechanisms. It is better to “sneak away” and close the channel early. Only in this way can all shoe fans come to a fair and equal contest.

So, are these two pairs of YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW all bought?