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Yeezy Supply Replenishment full range?

If you follow Kanye West’s Yeezy collection

Then Yeezy Supply this website

Should not be unfamiliar

From the mysterious website that first appeared on Kim Kardashian Twitter, you can now buy a full range of Yeezy’s pilgrimage sites. Yeezy Supply is the son of Kanye West, and every update affects the entire trend.

The last update of the website has almost attracted the attention of the whole trend. Yeezy Supply has put all the shoes on the web on the website. Click to see the name and color description of the shoes, and a place to fill in the email.

Is this the rhythm of the return to the whole line?

Seeing this picture, it is estimated that many people will be as excited as I am, expecting, because there is still a favorite 750 can not buy, and this style has no sale plan, can only wait for the re-enactment, replenishment!

Yeezy Supply This website has a mystery from the beginning of the line. At first, there is no page at all. You can only fill in your email address when you come to this website, waiting for the new content of the website to appear.

It is just that the behavior of the website with the aura is understandable, and then I am excited to fill in the mail information. When you wait for the replenishment, point the target to the 750 page.

After waiting for a while, the social accounts of various information categories began to issue clarified text. Basically for this update, Yeezy Supply’s updated information is a record of the entire history of the series, and does not imply that these designs will be re-stocked. Everything is expected to fail.

Although you can’t make up for the regret that you can’t buy it, look at these shoes and talk about your expectations. Take a look at this Yeezy Supply summary and summarize the Yeezy in your hands and the styles that you haven’t been able to start with.

Yeezy Boost 350 first generation series

The Yeezy Boost 350 series opens a prelude to everyone with Yeezy. The original color is not much, so it can be said that each pair is a classic, especially the starting Turtle Dove color scheme. I believe many people are involved in the queue and lottery team.

I don’t know if I have seen V2, you still can’t remember the way the first generation looked. The dispute between good and bad has already passed. Like the 750, the first generation 350 should also be temporarily closed. With the evolution of V2 or V3, this series should appear in more people, but the initial expectation seems to be given more to the first generation.

At that time, Yeezy was still full of expectations, new designs, new technologies, and new collections.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

After experiencing some of the expectations and experiments of the early generation, V2 rushed to the forefront of the trend circle with a momentum that is bound to gain, representing the brand’s printing, more comfortable wearing experience, more fashionable color matching, more complicated patterns, More quantity. Anyway, what you see is such an evolution, and then you may have bought a pair of Yeezy by increasing the volume, not to mention whether this shoe is your favorite style, and color. At least Kanye West didn’t lie.

Although there is a more calm color scheme in V2, zebra pattern is definitely a representative, and it is believed that this recognized trend will be brought into the new V3.

The 350 V2 was once the representative of Yeezy before the advent of the 500. What you can see, what people expect, is at your fingertips.

Yeezy 500

How about removing the Yeezy from Boost?

950 doesn’t seem to be good, powerphase doesn’t work either. But this does not mean that Boost Yeezy can’t be sold without it, as long as it is called Yeezy, some design sense, not so picky, in line with the trend, some people wear it, it seems to be fine.

This is the trend-setting fashion style Yeezy 500, a pair of Yeezy that looks very Kobe, this midsole should have been printed in the minds of every Adidas Kobe shoe enthusiast.

There is no new technology, new design, there is an adaptation style of Air Jordan XI IE, adding materials for suede and breathable mesh. Retro? return? Maybe. Selling well, wearing a lot of people, for a moment, you see people wearing V2 put on 500, this pair of shoes have no market exploration period, one is big.

Although only three color schemes have been released, it is said that the V2 version is already on the road, so friends who like this series should not be nervous, you must have a chance to buy a pair.

Without Boost technology, it is a retro look, which may be Yeezy’s pioneering and temptation for new markets.

Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

The 700 series should be regarded as Yeezy’s new flagship series. Take the 750 definition of the 7-head series, still use Boost technology, new design, define the new trend of the old shoes, limited edition, these are more like the definition of the flagship style.

The new release is scheduled for September and I don’t know how many people are looking forward to it.

Yeezy Boost 750

There is nothing to say, the Yeezy series represents a high price from the initial news to the limited sale.

This is a series that needs to wait. Adidas does not have any information on this series for the time being, but if Kanye West has been under Adidas, this series will return one day.