replica yeezy 500

YEEZY 500 true and fake contrast

Kanye I have threatened to let everyone wear YEEZY, and at the end of 2017, YEEZY, which was sold in large quantities, once fell below the 3,000-yuan mark, and the promise was fulfilled, but the hard indicator of “aesthetic fatigue” was quietly online. Everyone is no longer ecstatic because they can wear YEEZY 350 V2, so Kanye chose to welcome the unprecedented release of YEEZY’s latest series 500 in April this year. Although it has not adopted a limited release model, the loyalty powder is still difficult to stop. The design of the “real” old shoes has purchased YEEZY 500 from various channels, and it is bound to wear new YEEZY on their own feet, and they are pouring into this old trend.

The sale of the first batch of YEEZY 500 once caused the phenomenon of broken goods, and the latest shoes have catered to the current trend of people from all aspects. The hot shoes are naturally for the FAKE manufacturers, and it takes a lot of effort. After a month of expedited work, the first batch of imitation YEEZY 500 on the market has poured into the sneaker market with a raging momentum. The enthusiasm, if the YEEZY 500 is already on your purchase list, then the next content, you may not need any identification platform to easily see the true and false.

Shoe box — from the perspective of the shoe box part, the authentic color is darker than FAKE.

FAKE’s position on the shoe box is also very different from the original. The genuine is on the opposite side of the shoe box, while the FAKE is on the front. FAKE’s shoe box logo still uses the shoebox label of the previous YEEZY series.

Let’s look at a rough comparison of the appearance

The YEEZY 500 toe has a suede material for a more retro-inspired feel, so there is a feeling of old yellow in the color, and the material is more coarser than FAKE, and the texture is more obvious.

FAKE’s cortical imitation on the tongue is vivid, but by careful observation it can be found that the outer and inner sides of the FAKE cortex are composed of two colors.

The 3M reflective strip is placed on the outside of the shoe, and FAKE is almost exactly the same as the original one.

YEEZY 500 is equipped with ADIPRENE+ cushioning midsole and high grip rubber outsole. It can be easily seen from the picture below that FAKE is darker in color.

The authentic adidas logo is also very sleek

YEEZY 500 uses a complex texture effect on the sole. From the comparison between genuine and FAKE, it can’t be distinguished from the sole.

A small detail of a domestic company’s goods, most domestic companies will post inspection marks in the “FR” row of shoes, but I believe that in the near future this flag will be copied by FAKE.

The front of the genuine insole is grayish yellow. In addition to the difference in color, FAKE is very similar to the original in printing and workmanship.

The back of the YEEZY 500 insole uses the engineering of the human foot arch, so it will be divided into three parts. From the comparison chart, the upper and lower yellow parts of the FAKE have overflow problems, and a lot of “melanin” is lost. Look carefully at the lettering on both sides, the authenticity is quite clear, and the appearance of FAKE is rather vague.

Because this shoe is not sold for a long time, the sellers on the market are not stupid enough to say that their shoes can pass the tiger to fight, support counter comparison, if there is such a seller, I beg you to change, you really do not want to do this . The real can not be fake, the fake can not be real. Imitation is imitation, there is no identification, even if the various puzzles, the hidden rules have passed the identification, it is just self-deception. Buying imitation shoes and wearing imitation shoes is really not shameful, but deception is really shameful.