replica yeezy 500

Yeezy 500 color sale, do not worry out of hit color!

YEEZY 500 has been mentioned several times in our earlier report. As the sale progresses in an orderly manner, more and more influxes and icons can be seen to have actual interpretation.

In addition, 3 color matchings have been made available for the YEEZY 500. They are “Super Moon Yellow,” “Blush,” and “Utility Black.”

Although there is still a significant difference in color matching, the overall style is still locked in retro, combined with the details of the body 3M highlights, the sense of the trend quickly blessing. At present, these three color combinations do not know if you have any intention!

However, recent shows some of the new YEEZY 500 sample color combinations, many of which have appeared in Grandpa’s Twitter, and it seems that the Yeezy 500 is still better with solid colors. This kind of small fresh color match with Yeezy 500’s retro shoe body, not only does not have a sudden sense but the visual effect is more gentle, do you like it?

In recent days, Putian has also added a “Rose Pink” colour scheme at a speed of lightning speed. If there are small fairies who want to try fresh, you can reserve space for your shoe.