What is the difference between yeezy 350v2 genuine and high imitation, out of the box true and false comparison evaluation!

The yeezy 350 V2 is unique in its shape and soft in the sense of the foot.

What kind of surprise will the yeezy 350 V2 that will debut in June this year?

The results are not known, let’s warm up with this pair of black yeezy!

True and false contrast

The above picture is true, the following picture is fake
The picture on the left is true, the picture on the right is fake.

Shoe box: still simple and neat design

The positive BOOST words are very conspicuous

Side shoe box label: same as basic information

The difference in the quality of the printed font spacing is larger, easier to see clearly.

Can you get a true date?

The side of the shoe: the difference in the heel position is still relatively obvious, the authenticity is more straight.

Inside view: See more clearly, replica yeezy boost 350 are more transparent.

Outsole: Some color difference, genuine khaki, replica yeezy boost 350 are white.

Full of ass, beautiful?

Toe cap: the difference is smaller.

Whether it is the mark line or other parts.

Shoe mouth: The material of the seam is slightly different. The replica yeezy boost 350 are more refined.

Footwear information for two pairs of shoes: not much to say.

SPLY-350 on the side of the shoe: there is still a written color difference, the genuine font is bigger.

The forefoot of the sole: The Adidas logo is quite vague, which is the reason for the shooting.

The heel of the back heel: replica yeezy boost 350 are a bit fuzzy, authentic is more transparent.

Said that the boost here is an anti-counterfeiting sign! But replica yeezy boost 350 are the same as genuine ones!

The transmittance of boost: the transmittance of the two shoes is different except for the uniformity.

Transparency at the forefoot: Genuine is more transparent.

Insole thickness

Genuine is 2.25mm

Replica yeezy boost 350 is 2.29mm

The difference is clear at a glance.

Midsole: Both shoes are neat and often uniform