Grandpa: Yeezy’s valuation exceeded $1.5 billion! Yeezy is the future

In April, Grandpa returned to Twitter, and he was awkward and pointed to the attention of many netizens. Among them, the two words that impressed us the most:

“Yeezy will be the most powerful brand in human history. This year we will have a valuation of US$1 billion and soon the valuation will reach 10 billion!”

“I am currently the most earned person in the sneaker market, more than Michael Jordan earned!”

A stone stirs up a thousand layers of waves, and ridicules naturally one after another.

According to hypebeast, adidas’ total revenue in 2017 was approximately $5.8 billion, while Nike’s total revenue exceeded $10 billion and its Jordan Brand also had $3.1 billion. Although adidas has surpassed Jordan Brand in the North American market, is Yeezy still a little bit later?

However, brand revenue and personal income are another problem. Maybe Grandpa really earns more than Jordan? ?

Some time ago, when the grandfather was interviewed, he announced that Yeezy’s valuation this year has reached 1.5 billion US dollars! Exceeding the goal in excess, it can be described as a broken bamboo!

Grandpa announced in May that he would enter the construction industry and create a new Yeezy Home, recently

Yeezy Home’s first housing project, “Social Housing Project,” was also exposed online –

In the picture, it seems to be the continuation of the minimalist post-modern concrete industrial style of the Yeezy Calabasas studio. Grandpa’s construction team said that Yeezy Home appeared to make the world a better place and bring more housing options to low-income people.

In short, grandfather wants to start renting a house cheaply? Moved to cry! !

Recently, there are reports that Grandpa also plans to enter the restaurant industry! The first restaurant will be located in Calabasas, the hometown of his wife, Kim Sister, who wants to create a high-end and comfortable chain restaurant environment and let his wife manage it. In a word, Yeezy is really rich now!

In 2016, Grandpa was still in financial crisis and applied for a $1 billion investment in Yeezy to Facebook founder Zuckerberg. As a result, Zuckerberg was completely unruly. Two years later, Yeezy sold shoes for a day, turned over to the serf and sang, it was also true ~

In fact, my grandfather returned to Twitter to enlarge the gun this year. It clearly stated that Yeezy will not be a clothing brand in the future. Yeezy will serve all human beings, and Yeezy will be established in the future to help more poor people. It is not difficult to see that Grandpa wants The ambition of transformation.

“Please don’t laugh at Yeezy shoes, and don’t ridicule Yeezy people because we are the future!”