Yeezy 700 v2 Static foot evaluation

Yeezy is still very strong this year. Not only does it satisfy a lot of coconut fans in terms of volume, but also in the color matching and new shoes type, then this brand new coconut 700 v2 Static looks good? How to match coconut 700 v2 Static? What is the difference between Coconut 700 v2 and Coconut 700? Let’s take a look at the Yeezy 700 V2 Static foot map for a look at the Tianma Mingpin Street Xiaobian.

Appreciation of the Yeezy 700 V2 Static foot map

The side value is beautiful, the retro style is thick

The first white and gray color is more simple in temperament, and it is also one of the classic colors of OG. It is not known whether it can surpass the first generation after being officially debuted.

It’s also very convenient for everyday collocations. Pants, jeans and sweatpants are very convenient.

The choice of socks is also very important, the same color is a good choice.

Coconut 700 v2 Static Release Information

At present, the coconut 700 v2 Static has not yet announced the specific release date, it should be released at the end of this year, we will continue to pay attention and bring the first time report!

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Static”

Item No.: EF2829

Offer price: $362

What is the difference between yeezy 700 and yeezy 700 v2

Compared with the first generation of the first shoe type, the yeezy 700 v2 has a slightly simplified design on the side of the shoe. This opportunity is injected with three bars, which is still the retro style of the old shoes.

It is presented in a cool, light-toned tones with 3M reflective details throughout the body, as well as a very good visual effect.