Yeezy year-end war Jordan

Flying people, AJ11 platinum

Since the beginning of the previous year, Air Jordan 11 is no longer available as a color distribution for one year. Last year’s Navy and Red seemed to swear that “there will be at least two adult colors each year.” This year, Platinum color matching seems to have won the favor of fans earlier.

Named Platinum Tint with red as a detail embellishment, the whole milky white. The classic patent leather dress has disappeared, and the matte leather has been replaced. Visually, there is both the legendary blue and the visual color, and it is like the color of the big devil. This 11-generation sneakers with Perkin’s color matching has become a white big demon king, which shows its popularity.

Flying people, AJ11 first year

However, if you want to have a good history of the 11th generation color matching, perhaps Concord black and white is the most popular color. Counting the 2006 DMP BRIC set, the number of re-enactments is steady and black. This also confirms its weight in the hearts of OG shoes.

The re-return of this Concord color scheme can be described as a super heavy news. Originating from the first color scheme in 1995, followed by the number of 45, the classics were preserved in many classics. The patent leather part of the shoe was remodeled with the same patent as last year’s North Carolina. In the end, the crystal bottom ends. Dear friends, don’t miss it.

Flying people, AJ11 wheat

Air Jordan 11 Olive Lux, although representing the symbols of tan and olive, is still called the wheat color by netizens. The sneakers will be presented at the end of the year as a heavyweight pair with Platinum Tint and Concord.

Indeed, its body is composed of olive and wheat, the suede replaces the original nylon part, the raw rubber bottom, the patent leather is changed to a unique texture similar to the olive road, the overall earth color shape for you Add another rhubarb boot option to the shoe cabinet.

Coconut gang, 700 earth color

After the flying man finished speaking, he should count the enemy Yeezy. Grandpa and adidas Originals, who have always liked to change their own sneakers to sell time and fly people, will naturally not miss the excellent time to sell shoes.

The mysterious Yeezy 700 finally ushered in its second pair of colors at the end of this year. The dark brown for winter is quite bark, and the fluorescent part of the midsole remains. Full of old shoes, fur, mesh, leather and more materials, I believe that many players who like retro style can not put it down.

Coconut gang, 500 small haircuts

Yeezy 500 Boost Salt Until the HD image was exposed, there are still many people who think that “this is not the first color match.” Indeed, it looks too much like it. With a cushioning outsole that doesn’t lose Boost technology, retro old-fashioned shoes with a hint of ice blue are more suitable for this winter.

Although it is the color of the fourth pair of old shoes, it is not lost in one of the first three. The mesh and suede are spliced together, and in order to ensure good breathability, wearing a pair of thick socks can also easily pass the winter. Goddess, tide men don’t miss it!

Coconut Gang, yeezy boost 350 V2 Zebra

This adidas Originals is perhaps the second most familiar shoe in the entire article today. That’s right, it’s the pair of white shoes that occupied the street last summer – the Yeezy 350 V2 zebra color. Black and white, iconic paint strips and SPLY-350 small red characters are all prominent features.

The black and white lines are intertwined and twisted to give the body a more layered feel. As the third-time sale of overweight color matching, the volume of goods heard is also amazing. This kind of thing can be done at the original price. Friends who have not yet owned, it is best not to miss this opportunity.