Yeezy shoes come out again, Kanye West personally! Yeezy basketball shoes turned out to be like this!

Coconut shoes come out again, Kanye West personally!

With regard to coconut shoes, many people may have a lot of questions, why is it strange, why is it so expensive, or there are a lot of people wearing it… In short, for those who have not yet gotten through, Coconut is a very mysterious light luxury sneaker.

Recently, a pair of new color 350 coconut shoes came to the surface, and because of the grandfather’s personal footing, it also caused quite a stir.

The shoe is called Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static, and the upper is made up of newly designed lines. The classic print decoration is changed to translucent plastic material, which is full of fashion.

It is reported that this pair of fashionable and avant-garde translucent coconuts will be on sale in December.

Yeezy basketball shoes are coming, it looks like this!

Speaking of Adidas Yeezy, everyone may think of running shoes, like yeezy700/500/350 are hot shoes. However, since last year, in fact, Grandpa has repeatedly put on a pair of yeezy basketball shoes, and also dressed in the stadium.

But for more than a year, it has been no news! But recently, Grandpa himself finally revealed the news of the pair of yeezy basketball shoes, it will officially debut in the new season of the NBA, which can not help but ignite the expectations of many people for yeezy basketball shoes!

Judging from the previous grandfather’s many footsteps, the style of this pair of yeezy basketball shoes is still very similar to the yeezy 700. Whether it’s leather or color matching, there are obvious yeezy 700 marks!

The midsole is a bit different. It is wrapped in rubber and used to improve stability. As for the built-in material, there is still doubt, but there is a great possibility of Boost! In addition, the upper is also quite tall, like a sock!

The midsole is similar to the Yeezy 350 series and some adidas basketball shoes. It improves the stability with a rubber-coated midsole and is likely to carry Boost technology. The height of the upper is quite impressive and seems to be a sock-style neckline design.

I don’t know how the performance of such basketball shoes is, but Grandpa has already revealed that yeezy basketball shoes will not only be this pair!