Yeezy 500 first brother color matching

The main color of the Yeezy 500 not only has a retro old-fashioned shoe shape, but also has a versatile character, a unique shape and a personality, which is loved by many trendy men and women, even those who do not play sneakers. They are very popular, the first “Blush” is the most popular, and the upcoming “Salt” gives the person who has not yet started another chance. The upper is made up of mesh and suede. Although the color is similar to that of “Blush”, it can be clearly seen that the shoes are darker in color, more gray and greener, and more temperamental. It should be A good match for two people, plus the current starting color price to take off, this pair of “Salt” is a good alternative.

Adidas Yeezy 500 “Salt”

Goods number: EE7287

Release date: November 2018