After the 700 sale, no one like YEEZY?

For the feat of achieving YEEZY for everyone, Grandpa can be said to be full of strength. Before the sale of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Triple White”, YEEZY was sent to local children in Uganda.

After everyone finally “wish” to buy YEEZY, especially after the sale of YEEZY Boost 700 “Mauve”, many netizens are vomiting “YEEZY is cold, closed down”, in addition to the decline in the price of YEEZY, there are official sales. It doesn’t look ideal.

Reports from media such as ighsnobiety and stockx are all reasons for the poor sales of YEEZY Boost 700 “Mauve”.

YEEZY Boost 700 “Mauve” was not sold out until it was taken off the shelf. It is very different from the situation in which the previous sale was robbed, although it is also related to the increase in sales.

YEEZY 700 Mauve and several other comparisons

On StockX, Mauve only sold about 800 pairs on the first day. Although the 800 is a good and normal amount for the usual shoes, it is undoubtedly bleak for the YEEZY series.

“Mauve”, which was sold for $300, was resold at $291 (US 9). Friends who like YEEZY were more determined to buy, but it also proved that YEEZY is not so “popular” in the secondary market.

Some foreign friends said that it was because of the political orientation of the grandfather that led to the collapse of this incident.

Frank said: “I did see a lot of people who hated him. His followers/fans didn’t seem to support what he was doing, so he would not support his products.”

But analyst Matt Powell believes that it has nothing to do with politics, just because of the large volume of goods. He said: “Grandfather’s shoes have always been driven by scarcity and subsequent high resale value (purchase desire).”

He also mentioned: “Jordan tried to increase the volume of goods, which led to a serious decline in sales. If YEEZY continues to increase the volume of operations, it is likely to ruin the YEEZY project.”

After reading the analysts’ theory, what do netizens think? Some people directly said: “A pair of shoes that everyone wants to wear should not be 300 US dollars.” “One pair of 700 money is enough for me to buy two pairs of other shoes.”

“In fact, this design is not good, not worth the price.”