Grandpa, a YEEZY large shoe cabinet, with Virgil Abloh x YEEZY

It is needless to say that the grandfather is committed to promoting YEEZY. He also said that the brand should be further expanded and penetrated into more industries.

Multi-faceted spoilers are also a constant source. They are walking billboards, and their wife, Kardashian, hangs the coconut powder.

Via: kim kardashian also paved the way for re-sale, “bed photos” dare to shoot.

Via:kim kardashian only announced YEEZY 2019, and in a blink of an eye, a YEEZY large shoe cabinet was opened.

Via: Twitter screenshot Grandpa unveiled his own collection of shoe racks on Twitter, neatly placed with sneakers. Fans, especially fans of YEEZY, have to let their eyes shine. How many pairs do you want?

Via: kanye west unscrupulous shoes, so many netizens opened the mode. Someone said, “You have so many shoes in the sun, and then this pair is the best shoes you can wear out?” Then I circled my grandfather’s recently frequented slippers

Via: Twitter screenshots Grandpa recently really loves to wear these slippers, go out with socks to wear, my heart is beautiful.

Via: kanye west and this slippers, also used as a background board in Kardashian self-timer, multi-faceted propaganda.

Via:kim kardashian In addition to attracting everyone’s envy, it is worth noting that looking at the shoe cabinet, you will find the bottom layer, a pair of black versions of the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Presto quietly sandwiched in the middle. The grandfather who once did not care about the old nike, why did you secretly hide the double Nike joint name? It seems that Grandpa’s behavior is probably because of Vigil’s best friend.

Via: LV At the beginning of Kanye’s invitation call, 22-year-old Virgil joined his creative team and stayed for 10 years.

When Virgil became the director of LV menswear design, in the first show of LV, the two of the teachers and friends of the same family, holding together and crying, a thousand words, indeed a word is difficult.

Via: LV was originally said that Grandpa Virgil’s talent, but when they cry together, this kind of words are not broken.

Just a few days ago, when Grandpa was photographed at the 2-Chainz wedding, he was photographed with the pair of slippers mentioned above. The whole set of the upper body is the brother Virgil, the suit of Louis Vuitton, the brand of menswear design. .

Via:splashnews can see the classic logo of the LV on the clothes, and Kardashian also sent this detail.

Via:kim kardashian, the copyright of the picture belongs to the original author. Now when I am in the shoes again, I have quietly arranged Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Presto, which is true love.

I don’t know if the two old irons will join forces to bring Virgil Abloh x YEEZY shoes.

…reading so many double YEEZY, which one do you want most?