Why is coconut yeezy350v2 so expensive? Let me introduce yeezy gray orange

The bright orange stripe across the entire body of the shoe is super-attractive, and the word “SPLY-350” written above is not arrogant. Looking closely, the 350 V2 eliminates the heel strap design, and the purely horizontal texture becomes a staggered grid of vertical and horizontal lines that form a transparent outsole!

The use of innovative yeezy 350v2 like “coconut” shape, very tide. The yeezy upper is made of knit. The perfect color design shows the excellent advantage of this shoe. The bottom of the shoe is full of BOOST outsole and the above is a huge visual shock! It is a new trend for young people and a wave of trends.

Yeezy 350v2 insole test in shoes: an important standard of shoes is mainly to see her comfort, this yeezy shoes use a more full-bodied BOOST midsole, giving us the perfect cushioning effect, just like stepping on Like cotton, it is very comfortable. Coconut shoes are not a problem with grinding feet. In general, this is a pair of casual shoes that are very comfortable.

The outstanding avant-garde appearance is very eye-catching on the road, and it is worthy of our purchase with a casual outfit and a street sensation. Advantages: This is a very trendy shoe. Anyway, he is a versatile artifact, no matter how you take it, it is very fashionable. And it is a shoe with a slightly smaller foot. It is very fashionable and comfortable to wear!