replica yeezy 500

Eye-catching Adidas Yeezy 500 Super Yellow Moon True and false contrast

Grandfather’s yeezy has always been no shortage of topics

Like this sale

“Super Moon Yellow”

Its advertisement

Was named “Fshion Police” Diet Prada

Indicate plagiarism

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The “fashion police” pointed out

Grandpa’s “Super Yellow Moon” advertising creative

With the artist Rita Minissi

2015 “Self and other” series of works

Regardless of composition or pose

Have a high degree of similarity

Teach you to distinguish between true and false

Different shoe box version
So the format is different
There is almost no difference in the left side of the left shoe
So mainly to see the details
Outer bottom leather material difference
Genuine leather covers a small area
Left shoe inner
The position of the midfoot arch is slightly different
Authentic foot arch is higher
Relatively speaking, the shoe king is not so big
The texture of the sole is somewhat similar to the contour map
There is no big difference
Rear heel overall perspective
The authentic back heel is inward
The shoes of the king’s shoes are turned outwards.
Toe position
Whether it is material or workmanship
Are very perfect
The sole of this logo
Genuine clarity
There are small particles on the top of the shoe
And the i letter is not clear
Adidas logo on the inside of the heel
Little difference
Sole details
Everyone can compare
The insole uses the original deodorant Ortholite insole
The above printing is clearly visible
Can only say half a catty
No one is going to go anywhere
Single shoe weight
Genuine: 416g
Shoes King: 437g
Detail real shot