replica yeezy 350 v2

Like Yeezy Boost 350? Then you need these knowledge of the tide

When I first got on the foot, there was almost an illusion of stepping on UB. It was very soft and very bullety.

Honestly, the yeezy boost 350 design is not bad! It’s pretty good, the kind of shoe that belongs to the bottom, no matter what kind of color is matched, and the influence and “limited” of the yeezy series itself, as well as the operation ability of adidas itself. And propaganda makes the price of this series of shoes high, many star big names are on the feet, to promote the situation, the price is not high, it is difficult

Many people are familiar with coconut shoes. It refers to the name of a shoe of Adidas. The full name is YEEZY Boost 350. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Grandpa created the “Rap first shoes”: AIR YEEZY. It has also cooperated with BAPE, followed by NIKE, launched the Nike air series, and finally, Adidas bought the grandfather at a high price, together with this high-priced shoes: YEEZY BOOST 350 and YEEZY BOOST 750. Both the social network and the media are passionate about the two pairs of shoes. The latter only had 9000 pairs in the world when they started, and the price was heated to a few thousand dollars.

Some fans are running authentic but they are imitation shoes, while others are directly running like imitation shoes, but they are low imitation, all kinds of routines are disgusting.

Currently the highest quality of the replica yeezy boost 350 V2 is the OG version.

Replica yeezy boost 350 V2 roughly has the following versions: one: fake explosion, two: super soft simulation explosion, three: real explosion, four: Wanfu BASF really burst, five: PKG5KOH12, six: pure original OG version.

Prices range from a hundred to a thousand, with a wide range of quality, and retail prices range from 1XX to 1XXX.

Midsole comprehensive product quality measurement sequence: super soft simulation explosion – Wan production really explosive – KOGOPG – OG

There is a misunderstanding here. Many people only know that the shoes of the boost have a sense of stepping on the shi. If the quality is based on this product, then the super soft simulation explosion in the above picture is definitely ranked first. It’s soft enough to step on the bottom.

Boost is mainly soft, and more importantly, feedback. If you can go up with one foot, you can help and run. If you step on it, it’s really a step on it.

Mainly from the particle size, fine map, the resolution of the collection map becomes lower.

However, the difference can be seen in the outsole. The adidas yeezy 350V2 is composed of two color separation outsoles, and the middle one is yellowish.

But some versions are wrong, it will be too yellow. White is transparent to the exact version.

Regarding the identification of yeezy 350V2, we are here, have you learned, or you can come to me!