replica yeezy 350 v2

It is finally on sale! Adidas Yeezy 350v2

After the silence of the first half of the year, Grandpa’s Yeezy 350 V2 will usher in the first commercial color distribution this year in July! This pair is called the coconut adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Butter” butter brand new color

The whole body of the shoe is light yellow, and the 350 V2 iconic paint strip and SPLY-350 are also covered in the same color. It resembles the Cream White white style. The upper foot performance is more eye-catching and the overall feeling is really refreshing, very suitable. Dressed in summer.

1.The new color scheme is designed with a new reverse Primeknit knit structure. The original stripe logo on the upper and the word “SPLY-350” are moved to the inside and present a clean and clean visual with a “butter” color. Effect. Yeezy 350 butter cancels the font of the upper. Since the white and sesame color schemes are postponed until the end of the year, I want to wear them in summer and autumn. There is really no other choice. Low-cut shoes, plus Boost and Primeknit woven uppers, these shoes are also ideal for summer wear.

2.the whole pair of shoes is fresh and simple, and the faint yellow is not exaggerated. Compared with the previous pairs of yeezy350, the thickness and texture of the upper have not changed. With a light yellow color and a tonal midsole and a light-colored rubber outsole, the overall feel is truly fresh, perfect for summer wear.

3.from the overall shape, so this pair of yeezy 350 is still the previous taste, in addition, the shoe heel added Adidas clover three bars 3M reflective Oh! Yeezy 350 Boost V2 has a dexterous and versatile temperament. It doesn’t matter how you wear it. The yellowed butter color is not only unique in color, but also slightly resistant to dirt compared to pure white color. Like pure white, it is equally eye-catching, but its personality and viscera are different.

4.the insole is still the standard insole of yeezy, there is nothing to say. The sole is still translucent in creamy yellow.

As the launching shoe of the Yeezy boom, the charm of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is not too small, so look at how the foreign net red toe caps or the hipsters match how the shoes are presented under the lens.

The upper foot performance of these shoes is still very good, with simple denim and solid short sleeves can be easily controlled, the yellow on the shoes is not easy to eye, very low-key. If you go through yeezy350

Then the feet of these shoes don’t have to be introduced too much for you, comfortable and breathable, soft and flicky, if you like, you can start this pair of Yeezy350 v2 “butter”