replica yeezy 350 v2

Evaluation of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 BlueTint

Since Adidas released the yeezy series, yeezy has always been a surprise to everyone. The price of thousands of fires also makes many people discouraged. When they pay, they probably feel that their hearts are faint.

So this time a lot of people will choose relica yeezy, then how does relica yeezy perform? Is the so-called real explosion really the same as Boost? In order to understand everyone’s doubts, we specially made a set of relica Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “BlueTint” evaluation.

The shape of the familiar Yeezy 350 is based on white as the main tone and the upper is light gray. The “BlueTint” color scheme is outlined on the edge of the shoe and the shoe. As a winter shoe, it looks very cool on a hot summer day.

Test shoes: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “BlueTint”

Shoe size: US/6 EUR/36.5 23CM

The shoe has a unique mid-axis stitch, gray and white. Use the same gray stitching and don’t look at it without looking carefully.

Unique lace hole design. The shoe’s signature SPLY-350 contrasts with orange and ice blue to create a strong visual impact.

Obviously the yeezy 350 style is still the heel of the “big butt”, and the heel canvas is good for helping to put on and take off.


The upper is the same as the original, with an integrated knit upper, and the breathability is worthy of recognition. The test small size is thin and has a clear feeling of wrapping.

The upper material can be easily bent to ensure flexibility when doing other sports.

The replica shoes also have a soft-sole sole, and the upper and lower stairs can see the obvious rebound of the sole, and each step is like being pushed forward by a force, which is very comfortable.

Parcel and support

One-piece knit upper that fits well on both feet. The inside has the same leather material patch as the original, which enhances stability. When you walk, you can clearly see the deformation, and the support of the upper will be slightly weaker.

When you apply force to the heel, you can see that the heel has been significantly deformed. The outwardly extending sole plays a certain supporting role, and the stability performance is acceptable.


It is said that Boost has a sense of hi-hat, and wearing a boost shoe does not want to wear other shoes. Does the coconut of the replica have this feeling? The tester’s weight is 51KG, and there is a very obvious rebound after wearing the foot.

After vigorously bounced, it can be clearly felt that the pressure is released without a strong sense of shock.

When the weight of the whole body falls on the heel, it is very intuitive to see the compression of the sole and the rapid rebound process. The replica shoes can be consistent with the genuine in the aspect of cushioning.

Grip and wear resistance

Rubber outsole, the soles are all strips of regularly arranged raised lines, long walks, running and jumping on plastic courts with more dust and less friction, no slipping, grip performance good performance.

Walking on the plastic track and cement road for a while, there is slight wear, not very serious, it should be worn more seriously on the cement floor for a long time.


The evaluation of Xiaobian daily wear 36, 37 shoe size, the shoe size of this double foot test is 36.5, the upper foot is just right.

As a pair of high imitation shoes, these shoes are still performing well, and there is not much difference between the overall appearance and the authenticity.

On the day of the test, the outdoor temperature was 32 ° C, and the test reaction was only a little hot, indicating good gas permeability. The package performance is also excellent, and everyday wear or exercise can be satisfied.

Although it is high imitation, the midsole Boost midsole has excellent soft bullet and cushioning performance, which can provide a comfortable wearing experience for both small and large weight.

One of the shortcomings is that when walking, it feels that the forefoot will be a bit hard, and the heel is relatively softer when he is on the foot. The performance on the “hi-hat feel” is still weaker, although the front and back feet have different foot feelings, but Overall, the comfort of this pair of shoes is still very good.