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Collectively hit the shoes? Admire grandfather yeezy boost 350

“It was made of coconut.” I had a big brain hole and I heard the word “coconut shoes” thinking so. Later I realized that it was a homonym for “yeezy”. I saw the photo before I knew it. I was already brushed. The screen is worn by all the stars. I don’t even know it is called!

Take a look at how it came from

It is very simple. It comes from Kanye West. Yes, it is a joint name. This introduction, he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have a small daughter, Northwest, haha, and finished.

Yeezy Boost 750 and yeezy 350 boost v2 all continue to make a miracle in terms of sales. Well, these are:

Yeezy Boost 750, high help this one.

Yeezy 350 boost v2, a lightweight running shoe.

The first is Yeezy Boost 750. Personally feel that this section pays more attention to functionality. “Rap first shoes” is not called white. The style is closer to the grandfather’s creative passion. The initial test and adjustment of the design is based on the stage activities. Look, pay attention to the support and protection of the foot to meet our grandfather’s unlimited vitality on the stage.

In the game with the Lakers, Nick Young had a yeezy boost 750 on the field, which more fully demonstrated its performance.

That yeezy 350 boost v2, the image of light running shoes, Grandpa wear this is still awkward, but in the support and protection of these aspects will be slightly inferior.

But personally feel that it is more handsome and more agile, the curvature of the toe, the overall shoe-type line, and the bending of the sole from the bottom up, etc., all make people feel fit, light and speed, look below, suddenly realized that it is said to be According to this Alfa Romeo concept sports car design, handsome ~

What I was not good at was finally finished. Actually, what I was thinking about was that it was not wild enough and there was not enough tide out there to see how the fashion elite wear the Coconut 350.

Kim Kardashian

Wife is naturally the first to bring up the right field, this match with us is not going to the depths, can only show that the sports style or leisure children can be controlled coconut shoes.


The irregular sequin skirt on the left with coconut dazzling ~ baseball jackets, T-shirts plus jeans, dressed in fried chicken daily, instant high bigger on the coconut shoes, if the jacket is bright, even more praise ~

Gigi Hadid

New supermodel really is what trend is rushed in front, her sports wear we have long been familiar with the no, Slim pants with coconut, leg lines more fine wood, thanks to the shape of coconut shoes .

Kandall jenner

A black was thin, coupled with the color of coconut’s gray weaving uppers, embellishing the look of the whole body, improving the fashion, but still have a low-key connotation, the right figure is too simple, striped T-shirt, jeans and coconut with a relaxed street .

Bella Hadid

The body on the left, in fact, there is nothing but coconut, and I like the right side. The color of the loose sweater and coconut shoes echoes very harmoniously. It’s nice to wear white headphones to brighten the tone.

Kylie Jenner

Whole body printed short jacket with slim sport pants, coconut shoes exposed socks, increase the level of feeling is very good, but this body color is not friendly to the black sister, want to see the small white wear.

Hailey Baldwin

Fur coat with “Torn” style of denim jacket, but it is a bit too awkward, but with a bit of coconut to exercise vitality, the whole person full of high street range