Fall below the original price? YEEZY 350 and YEEZY 500 double replenishment!

Let everyone have YEEZY. At that time, Kanye West gave the whole world a big expectation. The limited sale at the beginning really made the shoes go through the speculation, but with the release of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 all-white color, the latter is directly Let the whole market oscillate. The good news is more than the replenishment of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2. According to the current news, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Sesame” color matching and the YEEZY 500 “Salt” color matching will continue to be replenished later. It’s really a joy to see it here, and Kanye West has proven the previous guarantee with practical action. The official exposure is that the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Sesame” will open the replenishment on November 23, while the other YEEZY 500 “Salt” will be on sale on November 30th. Now the volume of goods in the entire market is still considerable. If the replenishment volume is large, there is reason to expect the original price to be purchased.

Not only Yeezy 700 V3! Yeezy, which will be sent next year, will let you see it in advance!

At the end of the year, the Yeezy series also sold two new products. After the Yeezy 700 V2 “Static” and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Static”, the Yeezy series of 2018 was officially finished.

However, next year’s Yeezy series will not only have new designs based on the old shoe type, but also will add a lot of new shoes. As early as July this year, Grandpa has produced some stupid manuscripts.

Recently, an account named @yeezyboost350replica.com on Instagram directly exposed the renderings of the Yeezy series next year. The shoes are very comprehensive, and each shoe has a different color scheme. It is for everyone to read it in advance.

The Yeezy 700 V3 is very surprising, and it made a very obvious change in the third generation, and this rendering is almost identical to the Yeezy 700 V3 that the grandfather got up early in August this year.

In addition to the Yeezy 700 V3, the Yeezy 451 with the exaggerated volcanic midsole, the Yeezy B-BALL, the translucent Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and the Yeezy 700 V2 with a variety of colors, it seems that next year will be more exciting than this year!

YEEZY Season 6 theme magazine officially released

Kanye West’s personal brand YEEZY has released a 116-page YEEZY Season 6 theme magazine, still shot by Kanye “King” photographer Jackie Nickerson. There are many sexy actresses such as Abella Danger, Hafiia Mira, Amina Blue, Chanel Postrel. , again showcases YEEZY shoes, apparel and accessories. The special magazine was produced by Kanye’s own Calabasas studio, with no textual annotations, and only a picture of the brand concept, which can be seen as a review of Season 6.

This paperback version of the YEEZY Season 6 special theme magazine is about 27.3 x 41.9 cm. It is currently available at steidl.de for $34. Interested friends may wish to purchase it.

Have you seen this pair of YEEZY? YEEZY Boost 600 physical exposure!

The YEEZY Boost 700 V2 and YEEZY Boost 350 V2 released at the end of this year will make you excited about YEEZY diehard powder? Next year, there will be a variety of YEEZY shoes to meet with everyone, let’s prepare the wallet first! Today, on Instagram, there is a pair of YEEZY Boost 600 Sample on the sneakers. The shoes are mainly black in color. The three-way bar on the side of the shoe is decorated with eye-catching purple. One of the highlights of the shoe is a lacing system made of transparent rope. The overall design is somewhat similar to the adidas LXCON that was exposed earlier. Are you interested in such a design? You can discuss it in the comments section and the small series!

Not just “Everyone YEEZY” Let you have free YEEZY!

How many people have been waiting in front of the big and small screens in order to be able to YEEZY on the official website; how many people have lined up at the door of YEEZY overnight in the store; how many people used to move three or four Thousands of YEEZY and licking the bread for a month… But all of this has changed because of the flag that Kanye West once set.

Kanye West once said that everyone can wear YEEZY! Kanye West did it from the large-scale replenishment of the adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 “Cream White” official website at 0:00 on the 21st.

I have to say that the charm of Kanye West and his YEEZY shoes is huge. In just a few hours, the brand Tmall flagship store has a sales of more than 100 million yuan; although the official website has experienced many twists and turns, but still provides ample supply for the majority of consumers. So, Kanye West keeps the promise, do you have to call for Kanye West? The era of “everyone YEEZY” is coming, how can you not have a pair of YEEZY Boost 350 V2! ?

From now until September 28th, collect yeezyboost350replica.com and forward yeezyboost350replica.com to get a free access to all white adidas Yeezy Boost 350, size!

Yeezy shoes come out again, Kanye West personally! Yeezy basketball shoes turned out to be like this!

Coconut shoes come out again, Kanye West personally!

With regard to coconut shoes, many people may have a lot of questions, why is it strange, why is it so expensive, or there are a lot of people wearing it… In short, for those who have not yet gotten through, Coconut is a very mysterious light luxury sneaker.

Recently, a pair of new color 350 coconut shoes came to the surface, and because of the grandfather’s personal footing, it also caused quite a stir.

The shoe is called Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static, and the upper is made up of newly designed lines. The classic print decoration is changed to translucent plastic material, which is full of fashion.

It is reported that this pair of fashionable and avant-garde translucent coconuts will be on sale in December.

Yeezy basketball shoes are coming, it looks like this!

Speaking of Adidas Yeezy, everyone may think of running shoes, like yeezy700/500/350 are hot shoes. However, since last year, in fact, Grandpa has repeatedly put on a pair of yeezy basketball shoes, and also dressed in the stadium.

But for more than a year, it has been no news! But recently, Grandpa himself finally revealed the news of the pair of yeezy basketball shoes, it will officially debut in the new season of the NBA, which can not help but ignite the expectations of many people for yeezy basketball shoes!

Judging from the previous grandfather’s many footsteps, the style of this pair of yeezy basketball shoes is still very similar to the yeezy 700. Whether it’s leather or color matching, there are obvious yeezy 700 marks!

The midsole is a bit different. It is wrapped in rubber and used to improve stability. As for the built-in material, there is still doubt, but there is a great possibility of Boost! In addition, the upper is also quite tall, like a sock!

The midsole is similar to the Yeezy 350 series and some adidas basketball shoes. It improves the stability with a rubber-coated midsole and is likely to carry Boost technology. The height of the upper is quite impressive and seems to be a sock-style neckline design.

I don’t know how the performance of such basketball shoes is, but Grandpa has already revealed that yeezy basketball shoes will not only be this pair!

Yeezy year-end war Jordan

Flying people, AJ11 platinum

Since the beginning of the previous year, Air Jordan 11 is no longer available as a color distribution for one year. Last year’s Navy and Red seemed to swear that “there will be at least two adult colors each year.” This year, Platinum color matching seems to have won the favor of fans earlier.

Named Platinum Tint with red as a detail embellishment, the whole milky white. The classic patent leather dress has disappeared, and the matte leather has been replaced. Visually, there is both the legendary blue and the visual color, and it is like the color of the big devil. This 11-generation sneakers with Perkin’s color matching has become a white big demon king, which shows its popularity.

Flying people, AJ11 first year

However, if you want to have a good history of the 11th generation color matching, perhaps Concord black and white is the most popular color. Counting the 2006 DMP BRIC set, the number of re-enactments is steady and black. This also confirms its weight in the hearts of OG shoes.

The re-return of this Concord color scheme can be described as a super heavy news. Originating from the first color scheme in 1995, followed by the number of 45, the classics were preserved in many classics. The patent leather part of the shoe was remodeled with the same patent as last year’s North Carolina. In the end, the crystal bottom ends. Dear friends, don’t miss it.

Flying people, AJ11 wheat

Air Jordan 11 Olive Lux, although representing the symbols of tan and olive, is still called the wheat color by netizens. The sneakers will be presented at the end of the year as a heavyweight pair with Platinum Tint and Concord.

Indeed, its body is composed of olive and wheat, the suede replaces the original nylon part, the raw rubber bottom, the patent leather is changed to a unique texture similar to the olive road, the overall earth color shape for you Add another rhubarb boot option to the shoe cabinet.

Coconut gang, 700 earth color

After the flying man finished speaking, he should count the enemy Yeezy. Grandpa and adidas Originals, who have always liked to change their own sneakers to sell time and fly people, will naturally not miss the excellent time to sell shoes.

The mysterious Yeezy 700 finally ushered in its second pair of colors at the end of this year. The dark brown for winter is quite bark, and the fluorescent part of the midsole remains. Full of old shoes, fur, mesh, leather and more materials, I believe that many players who like retro style can not put it down.

Coconut gang, 500 small haircuts

Yeezy 500 Boost Salt Until the HD image was exposed, there are still many people who think that “this is not the first color match.” Indeed, it looks too much like it. With a cushioning outsole that doesn’t lose Boost technology, retro old-fashioned shoes with a hint of ice blue are more suitable for this winter.

Although it is the color of the fourth pair of old shoes, it is not lost in one of the first three. The mesh and suede are spliced together, and in order to ensure good breathability, wearing a pair of thick socks can also easily pass the winter. Goddess, tide men don’t miss it!

Coconut Gang, yeezy boost 350 V2 Zebra

This adidas Originals is perhaps the second most familiar shoe in the entire article today. That’s right, it’s the pair of white shoes that occupied the street last summer – the Yeezy 350 V2 zebra color. Black and white, iconic paint strips and SPLY-350 small red characters are all prominent features.

The black and white lines are intertwined and twisted to give the body a more layered feel. As the third-time sale of overweight color matching, the volume of goods heard is also amazing. This kind of thing can be done at the original price. Friends who have not yet owned, it is best not to miss this opportunity.

Grandpa: Yeezy’s valuation exceeded $1.5 billion! Yeezy is the future

In April, Grandpa returned to Twitter, and he was awkward and pointed to the attention of many netizens. Among them, the two words that impressed us the most:

“Yeezy will be the most powerful brand in human history. This year we will have a valuation of US$1 billion and soon the valuation will reach 10 billion!”

“I am currently the most earned person in the sneaker market, more than Michael Jordan earned!”

A stone stirs up a thousand layers of waves, and ridicules naturally one after another.

According to hypebeast, adidas’ total revenue in 2017 was approximately $5.8 billion, while Nike’s total revenue exceeded $10 billion and its Jordan Brand also had $3.1 billion. Although adidas has surpassed Jordan Brand in the North American market, is Yeezy still a little bit later?

However, brand revenue and personal income are another problem. Maybe Grandpa really earns more than Jordan? ?

Some time ago, when the grandfather was interviewed, he announced that Yeezy’s valuation this year has reached 1.5 billion US dollars! Exceeding the goal in excess, it can be described as a broken bamboo!

Grandpa announced in May that he would enter the construction industry and create a new Yeezy Home, recently

Yeezy Home’s first housing project, “Social Housing Project,” was also exposed online –

In the picture, it seems to be the continuation of the minimalist post-modern concrete industrial style of the Yeezy Calabasas studio. Grandpa’s construction team said that Yeezy Home appeared to make the world a better place and bring more housing options to low-income people.

In short, grandfather wants to start renting a house cheaply? Moved to cry! !

Recently, there are reports that Grandpa also plans to enter the restaurant industry! The first restaurant will be located in Calabasas, the hometown of his wife, Kim Sister, who wants to create a high-end and comfortable chain restaurant environment and let his wife manage it. In a word, Yeezy is really rich now!

In 2016, Grandpa was still in financial crisis and applied for a $1 billion investment in Yeezy to Facebook founder Zuckerberg. As a result, Zuckerberg was completely unruly. Two years later, Yeezy sold shoes for a day, turned over to the serf and sang, it was also true ~

In fact, my grandfather returned to Twitter to enlarge the gun this year. It clearly stated that Yeezy will not be a clothing brand in the future. Yeezy will serve all human beings, and Yeezy will be established in the future to help more poor people. It is not difficult to see that Grandpa wants The ambition of transformation.

“Please don’t laugh at Yeezy shoes, and don’t ridicule Yeezy people because we are the future!”

AJ1 is bad street, so I still wear Yeezy! Counting six Yeezy who don’t hit shoes!

This year, Nike’s Air Jordan, but popular, but also brings a problem, that is, everyone wears easy to hit shoes. This time, it highlights the yeezy’s force. Handsome and stylish, it’s not easy to hit the shoes! AJ1 is bad street, so I still wear Yeezy! Counting six Yeezy who don’t hit shoes!

The first one: pure white yeezy

Pure white coconut Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Triple White”, covered in white, looks really white and snowy, the iconic SPY numbers and letters on the side are also gone, very attractive. At present, its price/performance ratio is also the highest.

Second: butter yeezy

Butter Coconut 350Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Butter”, the body of the body is covered with a light yellow color, looks quite earthy, and in terms of appearance, it is more resistant than pure white coconut, stylish and versatile!

The third paragraph: ice blue yeezy

Ice Blue Zebra Ice Blue Zebra Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Blue Tint”, the shoe body uses the same zebra pattern as the white zebra, but the overall color is presented in ice blue, which is more low-key and cold, and it is more fashionable. temperament.

Fourth: Gray Orange Zebra yeezy

The new gray orange zebra adopts cool gray as the main tone, inheriting the highly recognizable zebra texture. The SPLY of the shoe side adopts cool gray as the main tone, inheriting the highly recognizable zebra texture, and the shoe side “SPLY-350” The words and heel shoes are complemented by striking orange-red tones, which become the highlight of the earth atmosphere!

Fifth paragraph: yeezy 700

The coconut 700yeezy 700 was finally released in September, and it is very attractive in terms of temperament as the old shoes. The body of the shoe is made of suede, mesh and other materials, and the 3M reflective material is embellished.

Sixth: yeezy 500

The coconut 500 old yeezy 500 is the most popular old sneaker of Adidas this year. The exaggerated and individualized shoes are the highlights of the football shoes. The uniform color is highlighted. Its style.

It is possible that you are crossing the cheapest yeezy! This yeezy market price is not high!

This year, Jordan’s Air Jordan series can be said to be popular in the sneaker circle. On the contrary, Adidas’s yeezy is a little low-key, and many people say that Adi has slowed down this year.

This is indeed the case, this year Adidas’s yeezy new color matching one hand counts. There are fewer scenes in previous years to grab a pair of yeezy and sleepless nights, and this year’s hype about Adidas yeezy seems to be much less.

However, it is precisely because of this, in the case of Air Jordan a pair of expensive, the yeezy family of many color combinations have shown a very attractive state, a pair is cheaper than a pair, simply not too happy! It seems that Grandpa will realize the promise of a pair of yeezy that he once said. Let’s take a look at the yeezy color schemes that are cheap enough this year!

1. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Triple White”

The noble white shoes that once smashed, the pure white yeezy 350, in the hearts of many pure players, the weight is very heavy. The white shoes are very charming.

As the second yeezy 350V2 color matching this year, although it is not the first launch, the sale of the 21st is still popular. But the strange thing is that this pure white yeezy 350V2 actually fell below the original price. Haha seems to be blessed!

2. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Butter”

This year’s first pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Butter”, the same scheme as pure white color, but the light yellow main tone looks more stylish and attractive, and not as dirty as white.

But butter coconut seems to be liked by many people, and the price is very high. You can start a pair at around 2000. Simple value, but it has a refreshing transparency.

3.Yeezy 500

This year’s Adidas old shoes are coming! The combination of the style of the old shoes and the football shoes of the day, with exaggerated and bizarre shape, without losing the trend of fashion and temperament.

And this year’s yeezy 500 has a feature, that is, all solid colors, whether it is earth gray, light yellow, or black is the same. At present, except for the cool black part close to 3000, the other two color combinations are below 2500.

Cool black yeezy 500 is the most expensive of the three pairs of yeezy 500, some sizes have been around 3000, this is not because autumn and winter come, black popularity is natural.

Grandpa, a YEEZY large shoe cabinet, with Virgil Abloh x YEEZY

It is needless to say that the grandfather is committed to promoting YEEZY. He also said that the brand should be further expanded and penetrated into more industries.

Multi-faceted spoilers are also a constant source. They are walking billboards, and their wife, Kardashian, hangs the coconut powder.

Via: kim kardashian also paved the way for re-sale, “bed photos” dare to shoot.

Via:kim kardashian only announced YEEZY 2019, and in a blink of an eye, a YEEZY large shoe cabinet was opened.

Via: Twitter screenshot Grandpa unveiled his own collection of shoe racks on Twitter, neatly placed with sneakers. Fans, especially fans of YEEZY, have to let their eyes shine. How many pairs do you want?

Via: kanye west unscrupulous shoes, so many netizens opened the mode. Someone said, “You have so many shoes in the sun, and then this pair is the best shoes you can wear out?” Then I circled my grandfather’s recently frequented slippers

Via: Twitter screenshots Grandpa recently really loves to wear these slippers, go out with socks to wear, my heart is beautiful.

Via: kanye west and this slippers, also used as a background board in Kardashian self-timer, multi-faceted propaganda.

Via:kim kardashian In addition to attracting everyone’s envy, it is worth noting that looking at the shoe cabinet, you will find the bottom layer, a pair of black versions of the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Presto quietly sandwiched in the middle. The grandfather who once did not care about the old nike, why did you secretly hide the double Nike joint name? It seems that Grandpa’s behavior is probably because of Vigil’s best friend.

Via: LV At the beginning of Kanye’s invitation call, 22-year-old Virgil joined his creative team and stayed for 10 years.

When Virgil became the director of LV menswear design, in the first show of LV, the two of the teachers and friends of the same family, holding together and crying, a thousand words, indeed a word is difficult.

Via: LV was originally said that Grandpa Virgil’s talent, but when they cry together, this kind of words are not broken.

Just a few days ago, when Grandpa was photographed at the 2-Chainz wedding, he was photographed with the pair of slippers mentioned above. The whole set of the upper body is the brother Virgil, the suit of Louis Vuitton, the brand of menswear design. .

Via:splashnews can see the classic logo of the LV on the clothes, and Kardashian also sent this detail.

Via:kim kardashian, the copyright of the picture belongs to the original author. Now when I am in the shoes again, I have quietly arranged Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Presto, which is true love.

I don’t know if the two old irons will join forces to bring Virgil Abloh x YEEZY shoes.

…reading so many double YEEZY, which one do you want most?

Grandpa has two fluorescent color matching Yeezy boost 350! YEEZY BOOST 500 exposure brand new Salt

Grandpa has two fluorescent color matching Yeezy 350! The didas Yeezy boost 350 V2 is one of the popular shoes in the Yeezy series, and the topic of this pair of shoes has been constantly emerging. Recently, Kanye West has produced two pairs of fluorescent color matching adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 on the Internet. The two pairs of shoes are designed in fluorescent green and fluorescent orange respectively. With the classic Yeezy boost 350 V2 shoes, the overall effect Very eye-catching!

The release date of the adidas Yeezy 350 V2 for these two pairs of fluorescent color matching is still unknown!

YEEZY boost 500 exposure new Salt color adidas Yeezy boost 500 has been paid attention to by many sneakers since its launch this year. The texture of the shoes with retro style design, this pair of old shoes have always maintained a very high topic Sex. Recently, the brand has exposed a new “Salt” color scheme. The overall body of the shoe is made of light gray. With a multi-layered upper, the overall shape is very eye-catching!

It is reported that this adidas Yeezy boost 500 “Salt” will be officially released in November, and friends who like it may wish to pay more attention!

YEEZY Encyclopedia. YEEZY shoes and all color schemes

Since the birth of the first generation of YEEZY BOOST 350 in 2015, the YEEZY series has been derived from many shoes such as YEEZY BOOST 750,YEEZY BOOST 350 V2,YEEZY BOOST 500,YEEZY BOOST 700 and Powerphase, and each pair of shoes has a variety of color combinations released in the past. For the past three years, he has dominated the top of the sneakers list. Recently, YEEZY SUPPLY, a website of Kanye West, recently added the YEEZY series “Encyclopedia” to the website, recording all the YEEZY shoes and each of them sold in the past. Color matching.

Unfortunately, this is only to record the development history of YEEZY, not to imply that YEEZY SUPPLY will re-launch these designs. You fans may wish to see how many pairs of YEEZY they have started.

Yeezy Supply Replenishment full range?

If you follow Kanye West’s Yeezy collection

Then Yeezy Supply this website

Should not be unfamiliar

From the mysterious website that first appeared on Kim Kardashian Twitter, you can now buy a full range of Yeezy’s pilgrimage sites. Yeezy Supply is the son of Kanye West, and every update affects the entire trend.

The last update of the website has almost attracted the attention of the whole trend. Yeezy Supply has put all the shoes on the web on the website. Click to see the name and color description of the shoes, and a place to fill in the email.

Is this the rhythm of the return to the whole line?

Seeing this picture, it is estimated that many people will be as excited as I am, expecting, because there is still a favorite 750 can not buy, and this style has no sale plan, can only wait for the re-enactment, replenishment!

Yeezy Supply This website has a mystery from the beginning of the line. At first, there is no page at all. You can only fill in your email address when you come to this website, waiting for the new content of the website to appear.

It is just that the behavior of the website with the aura is understandable, and then I am excited to fill in the mail information. When you wait for the replenishment, point the target to the 750 page.

After waiting for a while, the social accounts of various information categories began to issue clarified text. Basically for this update, Yeezy Supply’s updated information is a record of the entire history of the series, and does not imply that these designs will be re-stocked. Everything is expected to fail.

Although you can’t make up for the regret that you can’t buy it, look at these shoes and talk about your expectations. Take a look at this Yeezy Supply summary and summarize the Yeezy in your hands and the styles that you haven’t been able to start with.

Yeezy Boost 350 first generation series

The Yeezy Boost 350 series opens a prelude to everyone with Yeezy. The original color is not much, so it can be said that each pair is a classic, especially the starting Turtle Dove color scheme. I believe many people are involved in the queue and lottery team.

I don’t know if I have seen V2, you still can’t remember the way the first generation looked. The dispute between good and bad has already passed. Like the 750, the first generation 350 should also be temporarily closed. With the evolution of V2 or V3, this series should appear in more people, but the initial expectation seems to be given more to the first generation.

At that time, Yeezy was still full of expectations, new designs, new technologies, and new collections.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

After experiencing some of the expectations and experiments of the early generation, V2 rushed to the forefront of the trend circle with a momentum that is bound to gain, representing the brand’s printing, more comfortable wearing experience, more fashionable color matching, more complicated patterns, More quantity. Anyway, what you see is such an evolution, and then you may have bought a pair of Yeezy by increasing the volume, not to mention whether this shoe is your favorite style, and color. At least Kanye West didn’t lie.

Although there is a more calm color scheme in V2, zebra pattern is definitely a representative, and it is believed that this recognized trend will be brought into the new V3.

The 350 V2 was once the representative of Yeezy before the advent of the 500. What you can see, what people expect, is at your fingertips.

Yeezy 500

How about removing the Yeezy from Boost?

950 doesn’t seem to be good, powerphase doesn’t work either. But this does not mean that Boost Yeezy can’t be sold without it, as long as it is called Yeezy, some design sense, not so picky, in line with the trend, some people wear it, it seems to be fine.

This is the trend-setting fashion style Yeezy 500, a pair of Yeezy that looks very Kobe, this midsole should have been printed in the minds of every Adidas Kobe shoe enthusiast.

There is no new technology, new design, there is an adaptation style of Air Jordan XI IE, adding materials for suede and breathable mesh. Retro? return? Maybe. Selling well, wearing a lot of people, for a moment, you see people wearing V2 put on 500, this pair of shoes have no market exploration period, one is big.

Although only three color schemes have been released, it is said that the V2 version is already on the road, so friends who like this series should not be nervous, you must have a chance to buy a pair.

Without Boost technology, it is a retro look, which may be Yeezy’s pioneering and temptation for new markets.

Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

The 700 series should be regarded as Yeezy’s new flagship series. Take the 750 definition of the 7-head series, still use Boost technology, new design, define the new trend of the old shoes, limited edition, these are more like the definition of the flagship style.

The new release is scheduled for September and I don’t know how many people are looking forward to it.

Yeezy Boost 750

There is nothing to say, the Yeezy series represents a high price from the initial news to the limited sale.

This is a series that needs to wait. Adidas does not have any information on this series for the time being, but if Kanye West has been under Adidas, this series will return one day.

Grandpa hints at Adidas Yeezy 350 v3, Yeezy 500v2

Grandpa once again posted good news on Twitter. For his fans of Adidas Yeezy footwear, it looks very bright in 2019, he showed some sketches of upcoming sneakers, such as adidas Yeezy 700 v3, adidas Yeezy 350 v2, adidas Yeezy 500 v2, adidas Yeezy 451, Adidas Yeezy 1050 and adidas Yeezy Terrex. Although these graffiti does not allow us to understand what the shoes look like, Kanye shared samples of the 451 and 1050 in April. What are you most excited about?

Kanye yeezy season 6 Comfortable Trendy Velcro Slippers

Grandfather Kanye West launched the pair of slippers for YEEZY SEASON 6. Mr. Shoe’s official website was released separately, both male and female code numbers, but it is still sold at the same speed as the popular models, but in order to satisfy the enthusiasm of the fans, Mr. Shoe has done enough homework this time!

What? Someone went to the shoe store to return YEEZY? !

The YEEZY series can be said to represent the strongest trend of the times, but the events to be concerned are still a bit surprising. For the single items such as YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 and YEEZY BOOST 700, no matter what the color is, it has caused the market to buy. With the sale of more than half of the YEEZY series this year, the related items have also been pushed to the peak of the topic. What is surprising is that after the previous sale, a consumer went to FOOTLOCKER for a return. The original price of YEEZY, which is hard to find a shoe, is quite surprising. But then again, the shoes themselves are also regular consumer goods, and the basic return is also reasonable. Any thoughts on such a return event can be explained in the comments.

Grandpa announced the 2019 Yeezy sketch

Kanye West announces draft of the 2019 Yeezy release plan

The exposure includes YEEZY 350 V3, 700 V3, 50 V2, 451 and 1050, as well as a pair of mysterious Terrex. Then Grandpa uploaded a sketch containing the style of basketball shoes.

Grandpa exposed the 19-year Yeezy sketch, but was spoofed?

Grandpa recently released a photo, most likely the new YEEZY series manuscript in 2019! Including the Yeezy 451 “volcanic shoes” that he exposed on Twitter earlier, there are many new shoes that are very much looking forward to Yeezy 700v3, 500v2, 350v3 and so on.

However, there are still a lot of spit in the expectation. Some people say that each pair looks like a broom. Some people praise the grandfather as a soul painter.

So there was a foreign illustrator @ghicapopa who spoofed this sketch of Grandpa and looked good.

However, today’s breaking account YEEZY MAFIA was also the first time to announce the new color “Static” of Yeezy 700v2. In addition to retaining the original 700 vintage Dad Shoe body, the new color palette is made of white suede combined with grey mesh material, and new stripe details are added to the side, while the toe part is designed like the YEEZY 500. Finally, it is equipped with a heavy first-generation outsole design. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released at the end of December this year or early January 2019, and the price is $300. For more official sales, please pay attention to our follow-up reports.

Have to wait! The three pairs of yeezy will be postponed for sale.

For the sneaker sneaker 1 player, the most sad thing is the shoes that have been waiting for a long time.

The postponement of the jump ticket is on sale, which is really crazy.

If you are a sneaker with a lot of battles, you may be used to jumping tickets.

However, these three pairs of shoes recently exposed will be postponed for sale, and may still make everyone feel sad!

He is the bad news brought by YEEZY MAFIA. The three yeezys that have been waiting for a long time include yeezy boost 350v2 pure white sesame and yeezy700.

These pairs of shoes, which were scheduled to be released in July and August, may be postponed until this fall. It seems that everyone will have to wait a few more months!

However, it is a little fortunate that the yeezy boost 350 v2 butter butter color that was originally scheduled for sale this month is still on time and will not be postponed!

Yeezy China official website is finally coming?

Recently revealed that the Yeezy Supply website will open a large number of regional official websites around the world, and support independent distribution, and may also have independent pricing!

It is reported that this time it involves the opening of the main regional official website, there are five in Asia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and European coverage is even greater! Do you expect it?

Collectively hit the shoes? Admire grandfather yeezy boost 350

“It was made of coconut.” I had a big brain hole and I heard the word “coconut shoes” thinking so. Later I realized that it was a homonym for “yeezy”. I saw the photo before I knew it. I was already brushed. The screen is worn by all the stars. I don’t even know it is called!

Take a look at how it came from

It is very simple. It comes from Kanye West. Yes, it is a joint name. This introduction, he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have a small daughter, Northwest, haha, and finished.

Yeezy Boost 750 and yeezy 350 boost v2 all continue to make a miracle in terms of sales. Well, these are:

Yeezy Boost 750, high help this one.

Yeezy 350 boost v2, a lightweight running shoe.

The first is Yeezy Boost 750. Personally feel that this section pays more attention to functionality. “Rap first shoes” is not called white. The style is closer to the grandfather’s creative passion. The initial test and adjustment of the design is based on the stage activities. Look, pay attention to the support and protection of the foot to meet our grandfather’s unlimited vitality on the stage.

In the game with the Lakers, Nick Young had a yeezy boost 750 on the field, which more fully demonstrated its performance.

That yeezy 350 boost v2, the image of light running shoes, Grandpa wear this is still awkward, but in the support and protection of these aspects will be slightly inferior.

But personally feel that it is more handsome and more agile, the curvature of the toe, the overall shoe-type line, and the bending of the sole from the bottom up, etc., all make people feel fit, light and speed, look below, suddenly realized that it is said to be According to this Alfa Romeo concept sports car design, handsome ~

What I was not good at was finally finished. Actually, what I was thinking about was that it was not wild enough and there was not enough tide out there to see how the fashion elite wear the Coconut 350.

Kim Kardashian

Wife is naturally the first to bring up the right field, this match with us is not going to the depths, can only show that the sports style or leisure children can be controlled coconut shoes.


The irregular sequin skirt on the left with coconut dazzling ~ baseball jackets, T-shirts plus jeans, dressed in fried chicken daily, instant high bigger on the coconut shoes, if the jacket is bright, even more praise ~

Gigi Hadid

New supermodel really is what trend is rushed in front, her sports wear we have long been familiar with the no, Slim pants with coconut, leg lines more fine wood, thanks to the shape of coconut shoes .

Kandall jenner

A black was thin, coupled with the color of coconut’s gray weaving uppers, embellishing the look of the whole body, improving the fashion, but still have a low-key connotation, the right figure is too simple, striped T-shirt, jeans and coconut with a relaxed street .

Bella Hadid

The body on the left, in fact, there is nothing but coconut, and I like the right side. The color of the loose sweater and coconut shoes echoes very harmoniously. It’s nice to wear white headphones to brighten the tone.

Kylie Jenner

Whole body printed short jacket with slim sport pants, coconut shoes exposed socks, increase the level of feeling is very good, but this body color is not friendly to the black sister, want to see the small white wear.

Hailey Baldwin

Fur coat with “Torn” style of denim jacket, but it is a bit too awkward, but with a bit of coconut to exercise vitality, the whole person full of high street range

Sunset powder, Adi boost, carbon yeezy 500, Rihanna’s silk which you prefer

The upper is made of woven material and the neckline is a sock cover design. It is equipped with TPU material reinforcement and a special lace system to create a comfortable and stable wearing experience.

Boost midsole is a new design, adding a heel stabilization module


Carbon Adidas yeezy 500 ,

Size: 36–48

Comments: The original 3D file, the original factory velvet suede, the original sadesa Litchi pattern Napapi, the original drawing rubber, the original Ortholite insole, the original packaging paper!

Can’t buy this summer! YEEZY MAFIA three Yeezy products will be delayed

The three long-awaited Yeezy shoes will be postponed for sale.

The postponed launch includes a huge volume of Yeezy 350 V2 pure white, popular Yeezy 350 V2 sesame seeds and Yeezy 700, which will be released again. The above shoes will be postponed to autumn and winter sale, like friends can only wait.

However, Yeezy 350 V2 butter, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the month, has not changed so far. Yeezy’s friends are still looking for options in the summer.

With regard to the sales information of the Yeezy series, we will continue to pay attention and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Adidas yeezy boost, how much do you know?

Kanye West released the Yeezy SEASON and Yeezy boots from the adidas fashion line at New York Fashion Week.

The first Yeezy BOOST 750, Kanye West’s collaboration with adidas, was officially released at New York Fashion Week.

The adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 was launched and became Yeezy’s most famous shoe.

Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Shaves the Yezey wave

The launch of Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Product story

Do you know what coconut is? Of course, I am not talking about the fruit we eat. I am talking about shoes. This “Coconut” shoe comes from a footwear brand of the world-renowned German sports brand adidas. Its full name is adidas YEEZY BOOST, and “coconut” is derived from YEEZY’s transliteration. This super hot series of shoes is attributed to its designer Kanye West.

Who is Kanye West?

This well-known American rapper, music producer, and businessman have won 21 Grammy Awards. His influence in American music culture is self-evident, except of course in the field of music culture. The influence in the trend culture circle is also unshakeable. To know that American street culture, shoe culture, and rap culture seem to be themes that can never be separated, it is the famous Hip-hop musician, popular Icon, and world-class KOL who have brought this complicated relationship into full play. Kanye West was such a “Fashion Cult Behemoth” born out of the world and rolled up a frenzy of globalized “shoe-smashing” frenzy.

The adidas YEEZY BOOST turned out

In early July 2014, the two parties negotiated the explosive news: adidas will deepen cooperation with Kanye West and establish the independent sports brand adidas + KANYE WEST. This will be a street style and sports function of men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and For the accessories series, the Group will also establish a dedicated team of employees and open physical retail stores for the brand in the US headquarters. The model is similar to the Air Jordan and Lebron James brands under the NIKE Group, the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer. Adidas calls this the most powerful collaboration between sports brands and non-athletes and will “create history” and “redefine the future”. Both parties refused to give details of the transaction, and it was reported that the previous cooperation value exceeded 10 million US dollars.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 750

Soon Kanye and adidas Original launched the first YEEZY – “YEEZY BOOST 750”. The use of Adidas’s most advanced BOOST cushioning technology at the time, a high-end suede upper, a pair of shoelaces, a simple and low-key design, smooth lines, fully reflects the highest level of production in the field of shoes and Kanye in the design Serious attitudes and hidden ambitions. From this pair of shoes also saw the biggest difference between the adidas and NIKE – adidas gives Kanye a great degree of openness in the design, completely let Kanye design, from the appearance can not see a trace of adidas logo. Color is also a complete Kanye style, a lot of use of earth color, 750 instantly captured the hearts of global Kanye fans and Sneakerheads, for a time priceless, eBay prices were even speculation to the 7,000 dollar price, opened an unprecedented panic buying era.


Interestingly, this YEEZY turned out to be a great opportunity for success. In addition to Kanye’s popularity and the high quality of the shoes themselves, it also benefits from the highly topical and in-depth marketing skills of the “Kanye Family”. Kanye, whose family is KOL, is well aware of hunger marketing and topic marketing. From the release of cooperation news to the disclosure of the details of the shoes, they are performing mystery. The outside world can only be personally interpreted by the Kanye family from time to time. True and false “spy shots”, misunderstandings by high-end buyers and Kanye friends and relatives to capture clues, was full of appetite. Naturally, with the date of the official release, the global Sneakerheads are just as excited to celebrate major holidays.

Before the launch of YEEZY BOOST 750, the packaging photos leaked by Mrs. Kanye’s Kim Kardashian on the INS caused a stir.

The YEEZY BOOST 750, which was launched for the first time, is limited to 9,000 pairs in the world, and the quantity sold in China is within 20 pairs. Kanye also presented YEEZY BOOST 750 as a present to President Obama of the time.

After the launch of the YEEZY series did not stop it, 2016 launched YEEZY BOOST 750 “Light Grey” color continued Airy Yeezy on the night out, once again set off a popular YEEZY boom, temptation of the luminous outsole, suede shoes Body, coupled with stylish personality style, makes people longing for! The final sale in China was priced at ¥2799. Only 114 people were lucky enough to win the game and countless shoe fans returned home empty-handed. Today, the starting price of YEEZY BOOST 750 “Light Grey” is as high as 10,000 RMB, on the 750 “Light Grey”. Grandpa truly interprets the hard-to-find situation of a shoe.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350

Kanye won the first round victory, and after a few months it launched the so-called “low-grade version of YEEZY BOOST 750”: “YEEZY BOOST 350”. This new work is not low-profile, but it adopts a more intimate low-cut design while lowering the market price, and uses the Primeknit weaving technology to construct the shoe body. The national wind design and the novel knitted upper are once again causing crazy applause. And it triggered the situation that the sale was sold out in an hour. This 350 has also become the most recognized and best star performer in the YEEZY BOOST series.

Mixed adidas YEEZY BOOT 950

At the end of 2015 New York Fashion Week, Kanye released the YEEZY BOOT 950 series, which is the YEEZY Season’s fashion collection. Although the topic is still very high, due to high prices, the high threshold of the type and the lack of adidas comfortable technology and mixed, did not create another sales miracle.

Popular adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 v2

However, each new YEEZY coin that Kanye launched in cooperation with adidas is still a short seller. In 2016, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, which was launched with a modified design and color scheme, and YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas, which was modeled after Powerline’s classic retro tennis shoes, have achieved record sales. The ever-evolving variety of innovative styles, various color combinations and innovations to be launched and the numerous topics that accompany them all indicate that YEEZY is a milestone brand that has redefined Sneaker.

YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas

From 350V2’s first appearance of gray-orange color, you can see many similarities between YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 and 350. It is still the Primeknit weave. The newly designed translucent outsole is equipped with full-boar BOOST technology. 350 is already a top standard, it is also worth noting that the heel canceled the shoe design, and a full upgrade on the soles, with a waffle texture. In addition, the appearance must not be mentioned is that the Yeezy 550 Boost shoes with SPLY-350 orange stripe decoration on the outside of the shoe body are a very visual impact, compared to the previous Yeezy more than a sharp, visually more layered, Impressive.

Black and White, the black-and-white color that was released later, also received attention. Also, a white “SPLY-350” stripe ornament was placed on the outer side of the shoe body. Under the all-black body, a prominent visual element was incorporated to give a more three-dimensional appearance. Simple shoes, bring more imagination, from this point of view, Yeezy 350 Boost V2 and Yeezy 350 Boost visual effects are very different, which can be traced, in a bright light of the edge, is the design of many small details The concentrated expression of this, and this also shows the grandfather as a leader in today’s world trend of extraordinary design skills.

In addition to black and white YEEZY BOOST, 350 V2 also introduced a lot of colors, each pair is like a sharp knife to stimulate the nerves of the influx of people.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner

At the end of the storm at the V2, Kanye brought his brand new work, the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner. In today’s era of old shoes, the appearance of the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner ignited the hearts of the influx of people. Its shape is a classic example of the “Dad Shoe.” The unique retro style is complemented by a striking color design. The thick midsole is also BOOST cushioning technology. No matter if it is style or comfort, it is now in retro shoes. The best choice.

Adidas YEEZY Desert 500

However, the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner has not yet been sold globally. Another pair of new YEEZY suddenly came. This YEEZY Desert Rat 500 is not only the core member of the grandfather YEEZY old shoe family but also brushed up socializing for two days. Network’s “Red Shoes”! The good sisters of Kim Kardashian transformed themselves into “replicators” and wore YEEZY Season 6 costumes in their new season. The feet of the YEEZY Desert Rat 500 were all the same.

We can see that the adidas adiPRENE+ cushioning technology is installed on the sole of the shoe and there is no built-in BOOST, and the price should be lower than the YEEZY Wave Runner 700. This pair of YEEZY Desert Rat 500 presents an old-fashioned retro shoe, with a variety of material combinations, dynamic lines on the shoe body and soles, and a “natural foot” style. The overall shape is a retro style. It seems that this time Kanye is going to do the oldest shoes to the end, really poor their wallets.

How does Kanye West make the YEEZY series so hot?

In addition to relying on good workmanship and adidas core technology BOOST, Kanye’s release and marketing methods contributed. After the adidas news was signed, the mysterious veil of YEEZY’s new series has always been scrupulously scrupulous. It is particularly mysterious and charming under the guise of a lot of rumors. The myth of Kanye’s previous joint efforts with Nike and his ambition to “surpass Air Jordan” and his series of the high-profile bombardment of the former club’s behavior have raised Yeezy’s expectations and concerns to the highest point. It can be said that when YEEZY was not yet available, Kanye used his top-level influx to “redden” it, and combined with his own quality, YEEZY became a “sacred shoe”.

When Kanye’s own series of YEEZY Season One was released, Kanye not only broadcasts on his official website but also broadcasts in conjunction with 42 theaters worldwide. Such a global live broadcast, so that YEEZY Season’s release rate of view ratings in one fell swoop than Chanel and other hundred-year-old, and their new product release into a global event like Apple’s general conference.

The story of adidas YEEZY is far from complete. I believe that Kanye will give us more surprises in the future. Perhaps one of his promises that everyone will wear YEEZY will come true.