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YEEZY Season 6 theme magazine officially released

Kanye West’s personal brand YEEZY has released a 116-page YEEZY Season 6 theme magazine, still shot by Kanye “King” photographer Jackie Nickerson. There are many sexy actresses such as Abella Danger, Hafiia Mira, Amina Blue, Chanel Postrel. , again showcases YEEZY shoes, apparel and accessories. The special magazine was produced by Kanye’s own Calabasas studio, with no textual annotations, and only a picture of the brand concept, which can be seen as a review of Season 6.

This paperback version of the YEEZY Season 6 special theme magazine is about 27.3 x 41.9 cm. It is currently available at for $34. Interested friends may wish to purchase it.

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The whole family has YEEZY! Adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 will launch a children’s shoe version in 2019

This month adidas OriginalsYEEZY has a big push. The YEEZY BOOST 700 has information on the three color schemes of “Salt”, “Inertia” and “Analog”. The YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 has two majors, “Triple Black” and “Static”. Focus color matching has received a lot of attention.

According to, in addition to the size of children’s shoes in the past YEEZY BOOST 350 series, the 2019 YEEZY BOOST 700 series will also release the design of children’s shoes and baby version, which is the intimate design of Kanye West.

Interested readers please pay attention to the tracking report of

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The most difficult to get YEEZY in 2018?

The hardest to get YEEZY in 2018?

Former exposure for everyone YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 The official color of the latest color “Static” release details, and in addition to this version, the past also appeared in the so-called 3M reflective version, and now also come to the official release details. The body of the shoe is made of woven material with irregular stripes and polka dots, while the “SPLY-350” lettering on the side is omitted. Finally, the hot translucent material is blended into it and the translucent outsole is used. And 3M’s reflective effect can be felt.

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 The new color “Static” reflective version will be exclusively on on December 26th. The number of past sales is 5,000 pairs. Interested readers should pay more attention.

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Have you seen this pair of YEEZY? YEEZY Boost 600 physical exposure!

The YEEZY Boost 700 V2 and YEEZY Boost 350 V2 released at the end of this year will make you excited about YEEZY diehard powder? Next year, there will be a variety of YEEZY shoes to meet with everyone, let’s prepare the wallet first! Today, on Instagram, there is a pair of YEEZY Boost 600 Sample on the sneakers. The shoes are mainly black in color. The three-way bar on the side of the shoe is decorated with eye-catching purple. One of the highlights of the shoe is a lacing system made of transparent rope. The overall design is somewhat similar to the adidas LXCON that was exposed earlier. Are you interested in such a design? You can discuss it in the comments section and the small series!

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Fire up YEEZY 350

The coconut here is not the usual coconut, but the new YEEZY BOOST series from Kanye West for Adidas.

Adidas’ rapid expansion strategy and the high degree of freedom for designers allowed the Kanye West who had moved from the old club NIKE to Adidas to show his talents. The Yeezy Boost 750, the first pair of Yeezy models born on February 14, 2015, has since officially started adidas. As the first pair of shoes of Adi’s Yeezy series, the Yeezy Boost 750 only sold 9000 pairs. At the same time, it was only sold to VIPs. The quantity was small and there was no large replenishment, so the market is still a high premium.

In addition, the popularity of the 350 can be said to be a reversal of the reel, the control behind it is Kanye West. From being cumbersome to seeing all Sneaker sought after, with the star effect and Kanye West as the appeal of hip hop music, the 2017 YEEZY 350 series officially opened the YEEZY China market and was finally fired in the secondary market. It is 5000+. Became the first so-called luxury (local tyrant) series in the Adidas series.

Although the current YEEZY series already includes the 700,500 series. The phenomenon-level shoes are still 350. After all, it is really impossible to say that you can let the half of the male stars in the Chinese entertainment circle get on the shoes.

The group of people who got rich by YEEZY at the time did not know whether there was any stock in hand. After all, as long as they were able to change hands, they were 3 times or more.

Following the strategy of limited sales, things are rare. This is why you couldn’t get it because most of them have fallen into the hands of shoe dealers.

Increase the volume or let it develop?

For a phenomenal shoe, it is certainly not going to expand production at first. Continued to hang the appetite of the consumer, slowly flowing out and quickly iterating, so that there is still a huge premium in the 350-year sale. But the good-hearted grandfather once said that we must be able to have a pair of YEEZY.

Finally, on the occasion of the harsh winter of 2018, YEEZY released a new pre-sale, and the overall price of the secondary market has also been greatly drawn. The era of YEEZY BOOST 350 is basically over, but the people who love it will continue to love it.

For example, you can start a pair of white zebras.

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What is the difference between yeezy 350v2 genuine and high imitation, out of the box true and false comparison evaluation!

The yeezy 350 V2 is unique in its shape and soft in the sense of the foot.

What kind of surprise will the yeezy 350 V2 that will debut in June this year?

The results are not known, let’s warm up with this pair of black yeezy!

True and false contrast

The above picture is true, the following picture is fake
The picture on the left is true, the picture on the right is fake.

Shoe box: still simple and neat design

The positive BOOST words are very conspicuous

Side shoe box label: same as basic information

The difference in the quality of the printed font spacing is larger, easier to see clearly.

Can you get a true date?

The side of the shoe: the difference in the heel position is still relatively obvious, the authenticity is more straight.

Inside view: See more clearly, replica yeezy boost 350 are more transparent.

Outsole: Some color difference, genuine khaki, replica yeezy boost 350 are white.

Full of ass, beautiful?

Toe cap: the difference is smaller.

Whether it is the mark line or other parts.

Shoe mouth: The material of the seam is slightly different. The replica yeezy boost 350 are more refined.

Footwear information for two pairs of shoes: not much to say.

SPLY-350 on the side of the shoe: there is still a written color difference, the genuine font is bigger.

The forefoot of the sole: The Adidas logo is quite vague, which is the reason for the shooting.

The heel of the back heel: replica yeezy boost 350 are a bit fuzzy, authentic is more transparent.

Said that the boost here is an anti-counterfeiting sign! But replica yeezy boost 350 are the same as genuine ones!

The transmittance of boost: the transmittance of the two shoes is different except for the uniformity.

Transparency at the forefoot: Genuine is more transparent.

Insole thickness

Genuine is 2.25mm

Replica yeezy boost 350 is 2.29mm

The difference is clear at a glance.

Midsole: Both shoes are neat and often uniform