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Adidas yeezy boost, how much do you know?

Kanye West released the Yeezy SEASON and Yeezy boots from the adidas fashion line at New York Fashion Week.

The first Yeezy BOOST 750, Kanye West’s collaboration with adidas, was officially released at New York Fashion Week.

The adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 was launched and became Yeezy’s most famous shoe.

Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Shaves the Yezey wave

The launch of Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Product story

Do you know what coconut is? Of course, I am not talking about the fruit we eat. I am talking about shoes. This “Coconut” shoe comes from a footwear brand of the world-renowned German sports brand adidas. Its full name is adidas YEEZY BOOST, and “coconut” is derived from YEEZY’s transliteration. This super hot series of shoes is attributed to its designer Kanye West.

Who is Kanye West?

This well-known American rapper, music producer, and businessman have won 21 Grammy Awards. His influence in American music culture is self-evident, except of course in the field of music culture. The influence in the trend culture circle is also unshakeable. To know that American street culture, shoe culture, and rap culture seem to be themes that can never be separated, it is the famous Hip-hop musician, popular Icon, and world-class KOL who have brought this complicated relationship into full play. Kanye West was such a “Fashion Cult Behemoth” born out of the world and rolled up a frenzy of globalized “shoe-smashing” frenzy.

The adidas YEEZY BOOST turned out

In early July 2014, the two parties negotiated the explosive news: adidas will deepen cooperation with Kanye West and establish the independent sports brand adidas + KANYE WEST. This will be a street style and sports function of men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and For the accessories series, the Group will also establish a dedicated team of employees and open physical retail stores for the brand in the US headquarters. The model is similar to the Air Jordan and Lebron James brands under the NIKE Group, the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer. Adidas calls this the most powerful collaboration between sports brands and non-athletes and will “create history” and “redefine the future”. Both parties refused to give details of the transaction, and it was reported that the previous cooperation value exceeded 10 million US dollars.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 750

Soon Kanye and adidas Original launched the first YEEZY – “YEEZY BOOST 750”. The use of Adidas’s most advanced BOOST cushioning technology at the time, a high-end suede upper, a pair of shoelaces, a simple and low-key design, smooth lines, fully reflects the highest level of production in the field of shoes and Kanye in the design Serious attitudes and hidden ambitions. From this pair of shoes also saw the biggest difference between the adidas and NIKE – adidas gives Kanye a great degree of openness in the design, completely let Kanye design, from the appearance can not see a trace of adidas logo. Color is also a complete Kanye style, a lot of use of earth color, 750 instantly captured the hearts of global Kanye fans and Sneakerheads, for a time priceless, eBay prices were even speculation to the 7,000 dollar price, opened an unprecedented panic buying era.


Interestingly, this YEEZY turned out to be a great opportunity for success. In addition to Kanye’s popularity and the high quality of the shoes themselves, it also benefits from the highly topical and in-depth marketing skills of the “Kanye Family”. Kanye, whose family is KOL, is well aware of hunger marketing and topic marketing. From the release of cooperation news to the disclosure of the details of the shoes, they are performing mystery. The outside world can only be personally interpreted by the Kanye family from time to time. True and false “spy shots”, misunderstandings by high-end buyers and Kanye friends and relatives to capture clues, was full of appetite. Naturally, with the date of the official release, the global Sneakerheads are just as excited to celebrate major holidays.

Before the launch of YEEZY BOOST 750, the packaging photos leaked by Mrs. Kanye’s Kim Kardashian on the INS caused a stir.

The YEEZY BOOST 750, which was launched for the first time, is limited to 9,000 pairs in the world, and the quantity sold in China is within 20 pairs. Kanye also presented YEEZY BOOST 750 as a present to President Obama of the time.

After the launch of the YEEZY series did not stop it, 2016 launched YEEZY BOOST 750 “Light Grey” color continued Airy Yeezy on the night out, once again set off a popular YEEZY boom, temptation of the luminous outsole, suede shoes Body, coupled with stylish personality style, makes people longing for! The final sale in China was priced at ¥2799. Only 114 people were lucky enough to win the game and countless shoe fans returned home empty-handed. Today, the starting price of YEEZY BOOST 750 “Light Grey” is as high as 10,000 RMB, on the 750 “Light Grey”. Grandpa truly interprets the hard-to-find situation of a shoe.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350

Kanye won the first round victory, and after a few months it launched the so-called “low-grade version of YEEZY BOOST 750”: “YEEZY BOOST 350”. This new work is not low-profile, but it adopts a more intimate low-cut design while lowering the market price, and uses the Primeknit weaving technology to construct the shoe body. The national wind design and the novel knitted upper are once again causing crazy applause. And it triggered the situation that the sale was sold out in an hour. This 350 has also become the most recognized and best star performer in the YEEZY BOOST series.

Mixed adidas YEEZY BOOT 950

At the end of 2015 New York Fashion Week, Kanye released the YEEZY BOOT 950 series, which is the YEEZY Season’s fashion collection. Although the topic is still very high, due to high prices, the high threshold of the type and the lack of adidas comfortable technology and mixed, did not create another sales miracle.

Popular adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 v2

However, each new YEEZY coin that Kanye launched in cooperation with adidas is still a short seller. In 2016, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, which was launched with a modified design and color scheme, and YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas, which was modeled after Powerline’s classic retro tennis shoes, have achieved record sales. The ever-evolving variety of innovative styles, various color combinations and innovations to be launched and the numerous topics that accompany them all indicate that YEEZY is a milestone brand that has redefined Sneaker.

YEEZY Powerphase Calabasas

From 350V2’s first appearance of gray-orange color, you can see many similarities between YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 and 350. It is still the Primeknit weave. The newly designed translucent outsole is equipped with full-boar BOOST technology. 350 is already a top standard, it is also worth noting that the heel canceled the shoe design, and a full upgrade on the soles, with a waffle texture. In addition, the appearance must not be mentioned is that the Yeezy 550 Boost shoes with SPLY-350 orange stripe decoration on the outside of the shoe body are a very visual impact, compared to the previous Yeezy more than a sharp, visually more layered, Impressive.

Black and White, the black-and-white color that was released later, also received attention. Also, a white “SPLY-350” stripe ornament was placed on the outer side of the shoe body. Under the all-black body, a prominent visual element was incorporated to give a more three-dimensional appearance. Simple shoes, bring more imagination, from this point of view, Yeezy 350 Boost V2 and Yeezy 350 Boost visual effects are very different, which can be traced, in a bright light of the edge, is the design of many small details The concentrated expression of this, and this also shows the grandfather as a leader in today’s world trend of extraordinary design skills.

In addition to black and white YEEZY BOOST, 350 V2 also introduced a lot of colors, each pair is like a sharp knife to stimulate the nerves of the influx of people.

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner

At the end of the storm at the V2, Kanye brought his brand new work, the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner. In today’s era of old shoes, the appearance of the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner ignited the hearts of the influx of people. Its shape is a classic example of the “Dad Shoe.” The unique retro style is complemented by a striking color design. The thick midsole is also BOOST cushioning technology. No matter if it is style or comfort, it is now in retro shoes. The best choice.

Adidas YEEZY Desert 500

However, the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner has not yet been sold globally. Another pair of new YEEZY suddenly came. This YEEZY Desert Rat 500 is not only the core member of the grandfather YEEZY old shoe family but also brushed up socializing for two days. Network’s “Red Shoes”! The good sisters of Kim Kardashian transformed themselves into “replicators” and wore YEEZY Season 6 costumes in their new season. The feet of the YEEZY Desert Rat 500 were all the same.

We can see that the adidas adiPRENE+ cushioning technology is installed on the sole of the shoe and there is no built-in BOOST, and the price should be lower than the YEEZY Wave Runner 700. This pair of YEEZY Desert Rat 500 presents an old-fashioned retro shoe, with a variety of material combinations, dynamic lines on the shoe body and soles, and a “natural foot” style. The overall shape is a retro style. It seems that this time Kanye is going to do the oldest shoes to the end, really poor their wallets.

How does Kanye West make the YEEZY series so hot?

In addition to relying on good workmanship and adidas core technology BOOST, Kanye’s release and marketing methods contributed. After the adidas news was signed, the mysterious veil of YEEZY’s new series has always been scrupulously scrupulous. It is particularly mysterious and charming under the guise of a lot of rumors. The myth of Kanye’s previous joint efforts with Nike and his ambition to “surpass Air Jordan” and his series of the high-profile bombardment of the former club’s behavior have raised Yeezy’s expectations and concerns to the highest point. It can be said that when YEEZY was not yet available, Kanye used his top-level influx to “redden” it, and combined with his own quality, YEEZY became a “sacred shoe”.

When Kanye’s own series of YEEZY Season One was released, Kanye not only broadcasts on his official website but also broadcasts in conjunction with 42 theaters worldwide. Such a global live broadcast, so that YEEZY Season’s release rate of view ratings in one fell swoop than Chanel and other hundred-year-old, and their new product release into a global event like Apple’s general conference.

The story of adidas YEEZY is far from complete. I believe that Kanye will give us more surprises in the future. Perhaps one of his promises that everyone will wear YEEZY will come true.