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Adidas yeezy boost 500 Yung-1 purple version is on sale

For Adidas, in addition to the already sold yeezy boost 500, another pair of YUNG-1 with super high value is already on sale! And once it’s on sale, it’s very hot, and it’s sold out instantly!

The Yung-1 is rich in purple from head to toe and has a visual impact. Standard suede and mesh construction form the contour of the overall shoe.

In addition, the upper is also combined with suede and delicate fabric, which also has a good performance in the comfort of the package. The design lines of the shoe body are still complex and exaggerated, and the thick sole gives you a great comfort experience.

The new adidas version is now available for purchase at retailers such as Oneness and will soon be available to retailers worldwide. It is reported that the price is still close to the people!